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By the time I got to Jemsek Specialty Clinic, I was so incapacitated and desperate that I was willing to do anything. We started an expensive and aggressive intravenous antibiotic protocol. After two years of this treatment, there was some improvement- I no longer needed a wheelchair, I could speak without people wondering if I had a stroke, but I was still in immense pain. 


I still couldn’t function a normal life- I was bedridden most of the day. This was when I heard about a woman who was effectively managing her Lyme with some crazy traditional tribal medicine from the Amazon...kambô. 


I was still so desperate that I was willing to try anything...

My Story

Two of the common questions I get asked are how I found kambô and why am I so passionate about it? 

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and many co-infections. I had been sick for most of my life, but now I had a name for what had been plaguing me.


This started a multi-year search for solutions. I started with oral anti-biotics with a local specialist. I took oral antibiotics for years. My stomach felt ripped apart.


I couldn’t handle any more pills. I switched to a natural protocol, but it was not strong enough to control the massive infection from multiple vectors that I was battling. Within months I was bedridden or in a wheelchair. I traveled all over to work with the top Lyme specialists in New York, Colorado, Florida, and Washington DC where I found Jemsek Specialty Clinic.

I was cynical; I didn’t think it would be effective because nothing that the best of modern medicine had offered to me to date was life-changing, but I felt compelled to walk through my fears. What did I have to lose? 

I flew to Nevada, and in the course of four days, I did three kambô treatments. By the end, I was shocked and so grateful that I truly felt the best I had in years.

My nerve pain was significantly reduced, the migraines that had EVERY SINGLE DAY for years were GONE, I had energy, my brain fog lifted, I felt passionate about my life again, I was happy for the first time in years, and I finally had hope for the first time that I could remember. 

I knew then that this frog was going to play a significant part in my life going forward...

After not being able to work for years, I was finally able to excel at my career for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. It felt so good to be a worthy colleague to the wonderful people who supported me while fighting my war against Lyme. 


I also knew that sharing this frog had to be part of my life. I started researching everything I could about kambô. I quickly realized that I had to be well trained and certified to best be of service to others with Lyme or other people with physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles to overcome. I completed my initial certification with the International Association of Kambô Practitioners (IAKP).  I obtained the Advanced and Masters certifications through Kambo International. Their training courses were some of the most intense and enlightening experiences I had ever had. 

For decades I have been studying Biology, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and nutrition. Kambô was the perfect conduit to bring all of my studies together in the most effective way. 


Kambô is a tool that helped me changed my life. It is an honor and a privilege to facilitate and bear witness when others find the same transformative benefits from kambô. 


I know that this may not be for everyone. Many of you are trying to make sense of this insane concept... sticking frog secretion on open burns...

nikki o'malley

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I want you to know that I am here to answer any questions. I wanted to share some photos that show the dramatic improvement in my life since finding kambô. Can you tell which are pre- kambô and post-kambô?

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