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How to Prepare for Kambo

  • The first step is filling out an intake form. This will allow us to dig deep into your goals and help us set intentions. 

  • Next, we have our consultation. There, you can tell me more about why you are interested in Kambô. I can answer any questions you have. I can get as detailed as you like, you will not leave the conversation with questions. 

  • You will have to fast. Please ensure to eat healthy, light foods the day before you begin your fast. Kambô is a whole-body experience, preparing yourself with healthy nourishment and fasting will help to prepare your body for the best experience possible. You will need to fast for 8 - 12 hours prior to your treatment, drinking only water and herbal teas throughout the day (plain only).

  • During our consultation, we will discuss where and how many "gates" will be placed. Gates are where the small burn is made to the upper layer of the skin. The Kambô is then placed over the open flesh. The points are only about 1/8 inch across. 

  • The Kambô will enter into your lymphatic system so the effects will be immediate. Kambô has an intelligence with many people describing it as if it was scanning the body. It works with your intention, though sometimes you might not know what you actually need. 

  • During this period you may feel light throbbing, tingling throughout, become flush. You may experience a change in blood pressure during your treatment, this is a completely normal experience when working with Kambô. 

  • The full experience lasts between 20 - 40 minutes. At that time the Kambô will be removed and you will need to rest. Everyone has a different reaction to treatment; some feel immediately energetic after 20-30 minutes, whereas others it takes a day or so to feel the effects of treatment. 


  • The gates are covered with "Sangre de Grado" (Dragon's Blood) after the Kambô is removed. The Dragon's Blood is Peruvian tree sap, it helps the gates heal faster and protects them. The gates do fade with time, but most that have gone through the experience end up wearing them with pride. 

  • Last, but definitely not least, please ensure to bring yourself the following:

    • A gallon of spring water

    • A cup that holds 16 ounces

    • A mug for tea

    • Pillows

    • Blankets

    • Your clear intentions

    • A change of loose, comfortable clothing to change in to post-treatment

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